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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

We strive to use the most practical products and equipment; ranging from bag-less vacuums that use washable filters, steam-mops with washable pads, and a variety of cleaning products that not only put less stress on the environment and the client, but clean better and are more fragrant than traditional cleaning products.

This is a critical role of our dedication to the environment and our clients.

An Idea is Born

Our operations were founded on the idea of: Quality Work, Professionalism, Customer Satisfaction and a Healthier Environment.

Quality Work – Work performed must meet the standards set forth by Let’s Geaux Green Cleaning and exceed the standards set forth by our clients.

Professionalism – Employees must be professional in appearance, demeanor and competency.

Customer Satisfaction – Communication and consistency are the basis in achieving customer satisfaction. Our top priority is satisfying clients; which means customized cleaning plans and individualized needs being met.

Healthier Environment – Green, eco-friendly or sustainable cleaning, whichever you prefer to call it, has become an increasingly essential aspect in the cleaning industry. It has been found that harsh chemicals in many cleaning products have presented health and environmental concerns.

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